Pulau Besar, Mersing

Been more than half a year I never blog. Guess I’m too bored seeing CVs everyday that make me revisit my dusty blog again. Lol

Thanks to another long weekend in Singapore in Aug this year which is why I did my homework 4 months prior to my trip to Mersing. I wanted a getaway because going back Melaka is a norm to me where I decided to do something extraordinary. I did research a few island around Mersing apart from Tioman. Reason why I didn’t want and never been to Tioman is firstly, Tioman is kinda commercialize and secondly I just wanted to rot and relax and not think of work, a real getaway with no fuss about anything plus more importantly on a budget. Eventhough SGD is still going strong, but I’m no different than anyone and not getting any richer as well :/

There are a few islands around besides Tioman which are Pulau Aur, Sibu, Rawa, Besar. In fact there are more than 5 islands around that area but mostly was fully booked 3 months before my trip and I was lucky enough because I was on a waiting list for Mirage Resort in Pulau Besar. Immediately when Chris (the person who coordinates with me prior to my trip) send me the quotation for my stay, I instantly deposited the amount that was required. It was RM450 per pax for 3d2n stay. Initially there were 3 of us, but one of my friend can’t join us and luckily Mirage Resort charged based on headcount.

As I was on a budget for this trip, direct bus is non an option for me because the price of direct bus was SGD100. Therefore, we took a non so inconvenient way is to take public transport from SG > Larkin and from Larkin we take a bus to Mersing that only cost about RM25 (for to and fro from Mersing <> Larkin). Little did we know, that 7 Aug morning, the jam started as early as 6am =.=” Everybody wants to go holiday like us as well. We took about 45min by foot to walk to Sg Custom and then to JB custom in order to catch our bus at 8am from Larkin to Mersing. Luckily we opt to walk, because if we miss the bus, we will miss our fun trip!

Because about 13 passengers didn’t board the bus due to heavy jam in Sg, both of us have 2 seats to ourself for our 2 hours journey from Larkin to Mersing. Upon arrival at Mersing bus terminal, we took the Causeway bus for RM3 to Mersing Jetty. We can actually choose to walk but we was not familiar with that area since its out first time. During our return we opt to walk and its only 10mins from Mersing jetty to bus terminal.

Need to look for Mirage Resort counter for check-ins and paying the remaining balance of our payment. There are nearby food courts and a cafe for us to chill while waiting for our speedboat

My fren insist to photobomb eventhough I told her I’m taking pic :/

I was surprise to see the water was green but clean as well, because the sea water in my hometown is brown in color. The speedboat can accommodate about 12 passengers thereabout and it’s a 30mins boat ride as Pulau Besar is the nearest island to Mersing Jetty as compared to the others around that area.

When both of us arrive Pulau Besar jetty, all we can say was wow. The water is crystal clear and I still can’t believe it that in Msia I can still see blue sea water. When I did my research I saw people posted that Pulau Besar water is blue, but I thought it was photo filter until I saw it with my own eyes. Really wow! While waiting for our room to be ready, we went to take some pics with the amazing scenery.

Great weather and amazing scenery. No filter. Taken from Iphone

We took the A Frame room, with basic furniture like a Queen Size bed and a Single bed, blanket, towel and NO TOILETRIES. This is my first time staying in a resort without toiletries. Although I’m well prepared but my friend forgot to bring hers, so she need to buy at a nearby super minimart that cost double the price. Because the island only has 3 resorts so don’t expect much, even ice cream pun tak de TT

Rented a bicycle from D Coconut resort for RM10 an hour because our resort don’t provide this service.

Day 1 we didn’t do much because we woke up too early so we rested quite early. Day 2 – after we have fully recharge we decided to explore this small island. Rented a bicycle from D Coconut resort for RM10 an hour because our resort don’t provide this service.

Things I used: Gorillapod, bicycle handlebars, bluetooth remote and an Iphone can do this trick. With the burst mode functions in iphone we only need to jump 3 times in order to synchronize our jumping timing, and tadaa the perfect jumping shot! Both of us was jumping for joy when we found our perfect jumping shot amongst the multiple burst shots LOL.

The joy of holiday

Can slack and relax for many hours and do nothing. This comfy beach chair is available at Aseania Resort and also the nearest resort that we could detect 3G and upload our awesome getaway pics! But the resorts are only less than 10 mins away from each other because after all the whole island is not fully develop.

No filter. Beautiful natural gradient colour of seawater

Because she cant live without internet while I can πŸ˜€

Random shot taken from my Lumix

I have no complain at all for my meal in Mirage, all the food they serve is damn delicious and we finished it everytime.

Wind is so strong till I do not need to blow bubble

The next time I shall visit the other island around that area too!

t.t.f.n ^.^


Made a white lie

One of my bucket list is to go on a very short trip just for shopping/relaxing. So my friends decided to tag along with me on this crazy idea I had in mind. We got a cheap flight ticket and off we go for our destination, Bangkok πŸ˜€ one of my favourite place to visit besides shopping, shopping, and shopping.

We stayed at Glow Hotel, because our purpose for this trip is to shop for our CNY clothes. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of our room because we need to save every minute we have for shopping! But I can assure you, I will highly recommend those who are not really on budget, but wants comfortable sleep and strategic location. I just need to walk less than 5 mins to Platinum mall, unfortunately we always took more than that due to lotsa stalls along the way that attracts our attention.

Our itinerary for a 3 days 2 night Bangkok trip

  • Chatuchak
  • Siam Market
  • Platinum Mall

My splurge this time round was for shopping and snack. My clothes most of them range about 100thb – 300thb for dresses/jumper/tops/skirt, one that is most expensive in my list was a denim jacket I fell for it for the first sight and decided to buy at 400thb (on wholesale price of min 2 pieces). The good thing about going shopping with your girlfriends where you can share the cost on wholesale price πŸ˜€ loving it to the max!

These are majority of my loots because I forgot a have a few my dresses in the other bag when I took this picture. If you happen to go BKK, do buy their Wacoal bra because is way cheaper there plus there’s a VAT refund if you purchase min 2000thb in a single receipt, though the refund may not be alot.

This year is going to be a good year for me as I foresee myself spending more than last year. AlsoΒ to leave good memories of my last 20th that I’ll be having :/.

Came back from BKK, receive another good news that my Singapore PR was approved! My mom said I’m now a half Singaporean =.=”. To celebrate this good news, I decided to recontract my phone line and got myself the Iphone6. Loving the new big screen πŸ™‚

Test out the front camera, which is same as my iphone 5 but maybe the upgraded version with better lighting focus? No filter at all.

My friend found this cute lil casing that I was looking for. Besides having the privileged to enjoy big screen, the finger sensor is also a good function for me, in my opinion.

So looking forward for CNY (can’t wait to wear all my new clothes), my packed birthday month (with visiting friends in kl, experiencing my first ever stand up comedian show of Russell Peters live in Singapore, trips to Taiwan) and trips with friends. Hopefully to have good flight deals, so we the 1510 can have a great biyearly holiday together once again! The last timeΒ we had our far away trip was to Hong Kong. Time flies.

t.t.f.n ^.^

Illumi Run 2014

We decided to join in the fun to go for a party run that cost me $76 for a 5km run (which we walk most of the time) and to be honest is really not worth it. But why not just try for once in a life time kinda experience.

I decided to walk from my office to the venue as its pretty near from my office. Along walking over I saw alot of young kids are heading over to the same venue. Me and my friends felt we are out of place because we are kinda over age for such event given the crowd we saw. Oh well~~

Didn’t realise their crew photobomb us LOL

Another photobomber at the back

Can’t really see my glow in the dark on my face and shirt


Can you see how excited I am πŸ˜€

Lastly the after party run continues

This is the closest shot I could get of Massive Collective duo Rave Republic

Screen shot taken from my video when Rave Republic was mixing my favourite song Reload by Sebastian Ingrosso. Everybody enjoyed including myself πŸ˜€

I’m still very clean. Unlike those young kids were all soak up on neon paints

I went home like this along with other Illumi runners taking mrt home since the party ends earlier at 11pm =.=”

Getaway trip to Bali

Finally our long awaited trip has ended. Good times past so fast =/. Once again we was running in the new KLIA2 just like how I did it during my trip to HK. This time round I blame the boarding flight screen because it was pretty misleading.

Day 1:
Pick up at airport
Lunch at marlioboro
Uluwatu temple
Dinner jimbaran
Back hotel

Our first meal in Bali!

Our hotel at HARRIS Hotel & Residences Riverview Kuta. Highly recommended because it is extremely value for money and clean. Will definitely come back again!

Uluwatu Temple

The monkey that was wildly loitering around the temple and their favourite things from tourist was sunglasses/ spectacle

At night we head over to Jimbaran for our seafood feast

We took the 800k ruppiah package that consist of lobster, crab, prawn, clams. The lobster taste so good and sweet. Unfortunately for the crab was kinda overcooked.

And then we called it a day due to exhausting running at the airport and avoiding monkeys at Uluwatu temple. Very exhausting.

Day 2:
Tanjung benoa water sports & Nusa Dua beach for sight seeing
Lunch babi guling at a random stall around Tanjung Benoa beach
Tanah lot
Dinner at naughty nuri

After a really good rest we start of our day for water sports! We got a good deal of 550k ruppiah for 4 different types of water sports (banana boat, parasailing, rolling donut & flaying fish) none of my friends wanted to try the sea walker compare to me, because I wanted to bring my camera for a swim.

Flaying fish

Parasailing is so so fun. We are lucky that the weather loves us.

We head over to some random babi guling restaurant that is non touristy. It tasted good and special, but a lil fattening especially the fried pork oil that is as big as a big meatball size , Indonesian style.

We then later head over to Nusa Dua’s beach for phototaking! Because Tanjong Benoa’s beach is filled with water sports and pretty dangerous to take pictures/selfies.

Our almost perfect jumping shot

Somebody’s wedding. So beautiful decorated.

We headed over to Tanah Lot for sunset viewing. It was truly a priceless view.

Do you know Naughty Nuri will be opening their branch in KL. Double yeah!

Such a creative idea to use bottle caps as the dangling thingy which I do not know what’s called.

Their signature dish was the pork rib. So damn good. And their mash potato is delicious too!

Day 3:
Lovina beach to see dolphin
Lunch at dirty duck
Potato Head beach club for dinner

Another highlight of this trip was dolphin. We need to wake up as early ast 3.30am as the traveling time was about 2hours drive

Beautiful sunrise

It was really worth the time and money just to see live dolphins. This picture was capture from my Lumix camera because they swim really damn fast.

Can’t really see the beautiful paddy field behind us

We then later head over for dirty duck for lunch. One of their signature dish need to prebooked 1 day before and we forgotten. But lucky us there was left over and we still can enjoy the steam duck Indonesian style. Their mash potato is also damn good. No idea why Indon’s mash potato has this taste that makes us crave for more.

Potato Beach club for dinner

We wanted to have our table near to the beach and the waitress told us that we need to spend a min of 500k ruppiah. We then agree to that because it was our last night in Bali and we really love the view. The food is good too! We eventually spent more than 500k ruppiah πŸ™‚

During our last day in Bali we decided to stay in our hotel and rest as much as possible before we head home and at last I manage to play with my waterproof camera.

It’s an awesome invention! Surprisingly the picture doesn’t turn out to have the fish eye effect when it’s under water. And selfie under water is not easy. Really need much practice.

Shall visit Bali again πŸ™‚ and I looked forward for my next holiday to come!

t.t.f.n ^.^

It’s just nice

It’s been awhile since I left my last employment back in my hometown. It is still good that we keep in touch with each other all thanks to the invention of technology/hp. Majority of us already move on to the new employment except for those who have family commitment stays on.

So awesome to catch up for such happy day πŸ™‚

With the beautiful bride for her ROM πŸ™‚

Shall catch up with her again pretty soon for our getaway trip! Counting down the days as I seriously need a break!

t.t.f.n ^.^

Here and there

Due to my stone age lappie crashes because of virus. My lappie currently revert back to square one :/

I’ve wanted to try out my SJ4000 camera but didn’t got the opportunity due to delaying in the purchase of my memory card lol. Finally I get to try it out over the weekend. Weee~~

Some random shots taken whenever I feel like it. Non filter at all due to my lightroom programme need to be reinstall in my lappie.

Had bak kut teh for brunch in JB as my friends and I decided to have a so called tai-tai session to pamper ourself over the weekend lol.

Have dinner at Sim Kimdo where often Sporean claim that the crab is delicious. Tried out the 4x zoom which seems quite clear as well

Fish fried with sambal petai. There’s no camera light for this camera, but it can still capture moderate night mode

Finger licking good salted egg crab. This camera doesn’t has an auto focus function as well.

All in all, I still love this mini camera of mine. Couldn’t expect much from a Made In China product. I heard people said the newer version has wifi/bluetooth function. Those who are keen in GoPro but couldn’t afford one just like me can give this mini camera a try too :). Can’t wait to bring this for a swim!

t.t.f.n ^.^

What I’ve been up to

During the raya break, I wanted to be out of my hometown just like everyone else. So i propose to my family that we should head up to KL for a day trip since everybody will be heading to Mlk, Sg or even Penang. My decision is totally right on the spot. We only took 45 mins from USJ to Pavilion including finding parking. So damn awesome!

Plus I manage to visit ICity before heading back home πŸ™‚

Lately I came to know that the 50 Shades of Grey movie will be out next year, I’ve decided to read the story book before watching the movie. The last novel I read was borrowed from a friend of mine, Tasmina Perry – Kiss Heaven Goodbye. Luckily I own an Ipad so I can read it from the eBook directly πŸ™‚